New Delhi: In yet another twist in the ongoing Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) rigging saga, the company that had been commissioned by the Election Commission (EC) for the equipment issued a statement on Tuesday that contrary to the claims of the ‘cyber expert’, he never worked for the company. (Also read: Sibal Defends Presence at London Event, Says ‘Was Invited’) Also Read - 'We Want Paper Ballot',TMC MPs Protest Against EVMs Outside Parliament

Syed Shuja, the ‘expert’ who claimed that EVMs were rigged during 2014 Lok Sabha elections had also said that he worked for the Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL). However, ECIL said, “It is certified from records that (Shuja) has neither been on the rolls of ECIL as a regular employee nor was he in any way associated in design or deployment of EVMs.” Also Read - Supreme Court Declines Urgent Hearing on PIL Filed Against Use of EVMs

With the ECIL statement, Shuja’s claims fall flat, more so because he failed to corroborate all his claims at the London event on Monday which he joined from the US via Skype. Meanwhile, the EC has lodged a police complaint against Shuja. In its complaint, the EC said, “Through media reports, it has come to the notice of the commission that allegedly one Mr Syed Shuja claimed (at the event in London) that he was part of the EVM design team and he can hack the EVMs used in elections in India.” Also Read - 'Baseless And Frivolous': Election Commission Rejects Questions Raised Over Movement of EVMs in Uttar Pradesh

Shuja had also mentioned a few names he claimed were part of his team. However, ECIL said none of those was employed with the firm.

A portal quoted one of ECIL’s former employee as saying that no part of the manufacturing work of EVMs was accessed or assigned to contract or outsourced employees.

Shuja had also alleged that former Telangana BJP MLA Kishan Reddy was aware of the rigging and his gunmen had shot down few of the ‘expert’s’ teammates in Hyderabad in 2014. To which, Reddy said, “If I got so many people killed, what was the government doing at the time? This is a bunch of lies and I demand a CBI probe into this.”