New Delhi, May 27: Aam Aadmi Party (MLA) Saurabh Bhardwaj travelled to Botswana, Africa, to expose Election Commission’s Electronic Voting Machine. According to AAP MLA, a hackathon is possible as BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited) provides EVMs in Africa and India. In the video, he is seen talking to Mr Dumelang, president of Botswana Congress Party.

Bhardwaj travelled miles away from the soil just to display that even hacking of EVMs is an issue in Africa as well. He also mentions about the press release of BEL which states that the latter wasn’t a part of the hackathon. When asked about the tampering of EVMs to president of the main Opposition party in Botswana, he said a lot of controversies are revolving here and we always used paper ballots before.

He was also seen saying that people of Botswana have no trust in EVMs. He raised a question to the electoral body of his country asking, why only EVMs were bought from one particular country?  “The electoral body invited technical experts of BEL to teach us about the EVMS voting and also we were invited to hack the machine,” stated Dumelang.

In the video, AAP MLA asks Dumelang about a letter of Independent Electoral Commission (Election Commission of Botswana) addressed to all political parties in which it is stated that all people with a technical background can hack the EVMs if it is possible. Dumelang tells that this letter of EC was regarded as a joke by many journalists in his country.

Bhardwaj also reminds that last month he hacked a replica of EVM in the Delhi Assembly. ” BEL was invited to check hackathon and told that BEL’s press release mentions they were not part of Botswana hacking. He also told that something happened here and BEL took a u-turn not allowing EVMs to be hacked,” said Bhardwaj.

The opposition party of Botswana has appealed to the court against EVMs and when people don’t want it then why the electoral body uses EVM, asks Bhardwaj to users. The AAP MLA even asked everyone to google search hackathon to understand it, this was specially directed toward the political rivals of AAP.

On the June 3 challenge posted by EC of India to hack EVMs without tampering it, which a joke according to AAP MLA.