New Delhi: In a controversial remark, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Ashwini Kumar Choubey on Sunday said that former prime minister Morarji Desai used to drink the cow urine for medicinal benefits.

The minister also stressed on the need for a research on cow urine. “We see that many times, people drink urine to cure their disease. Our former prime minister Morarji Desai ji himself used to drink cow’s urine. There is a need to do research on cow urine,” he said.

“Cow urine is powerful in its own. It is considered unique and it has a quality to treat various health issues. The Ayush Ministry is also working on using cow urine for preparation of medicines and for treatment of cancer. Discussions and efforts are on how to take medicines for cancer,” Choubey added.

The Ashwini Choubey’s bizarre statement comes after he yesterday said that the AYUSH Ministry is seriously working on using cow urine for preparation of medicines and treatment of cancer.

“Cow urine is used in the preparation of several types of medicines. It is used even for the treatment of incurable disease like cancer. The urine of the indigenous variety of cow is often used. The Ministry of AYUSH is seriously working on it,” he said on Saturday.

“The government is working on the protection and conservation of cows,” he had said.

He had said that the Health Ministry is studying a proposal to include cancer treatment under the Ayushman Bharat Prime Minister Jana Arogya Yojana (JAY).