New Delhi: Hours after a news report surfaced that a rape survivor was set ablaze in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday condemned the heinous act and said the lawmakers must send out a signal to the society that in such incidents action should be taken promptly and adequately, as a result, these incidents are not repeated.

“What is needed, is not mere arrest in one case. We must send out a signal to the entire country and society that in such incidents action should be taken promptly, swiftly, and adequately, so these things are not repeated again,” the Vice President said in Rajya Sabha.

He further informed the Rajya Sabha that he got to know from Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh that the culprits of the heinous crime have been arrested.

“This entire House condemns the incident. I got in contact with the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh, he has explained to me that the culprits have been arrested,” he added.

According to updates, the minor rape survivor in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district was on Thursday morning set ablaze allegedly by the same group of accused, who had raped her nine months back.

After the incident, the victim is admitted to hospital and is undergoing treatment with over 80 per cent burns.

The crime was committed by two of the rape accused, who are out on bail, along with their three friends. These two rape accused were released from the jail on bail just a day ago.

The incident happened when the rape survivor was on her way to the hearing in her court case. The accused took her to an isolated location, poured kerosene and set her ablaze on the spot.

Post the incident, the police have arrested three people with names such as Hari Shankar Dwiwedi, Shubham Dwiwedi and Shivam Dwiwedi. Two others are absconding in the case.