New Delhi: All exit polls have predicted that the Aam Aadmi Party will make a comeback and that too with flying colours — with more than 40 seats in 70-seat Assembly of Delhi. The performance of the BJP will be better than in 2015. In 2015, the party won three seats. This time, it may win 20 seats, while the Congress will again draw a blank. Also Read - Delhi Assembly Election 2020: Giriraj Singh Denies AAP's Bribery Claim, Says 'Had Gone to Shop to Buy Stuff'

Exit PollsAAPBJP+Congress+Others
Times Now-Ipsos442600
Republic TV48-619-210-10

ABP C-Voter: AAP will win 49 to 63 seats. BJP will win 5 to 19 seats and the Congress will win 0 to 4 seats. Also Read - Delhi Assembly Election 2020 Exit Poll Results: Times Now-IPSOS Predicts AAP to Return to Power

NewsX-Polstrat: AAP will win 50 to 56 seats, while the BJP will win 10-14 seats. Also Read - Delhi Assembly Election 2020 Exit Poll Results: Republic-Jan ki Baat Says AAP to Retain Power But BJP on Rise

Republic-Jan Ki Baat: AAP will win 48-61 seats. BJP will win 9-21 seats.

IPSOS: AAP will win 44 seats, BJP will win 26 seats.

According to India Today-Axis My India exit poll, which is releasing region-wise results of the exit poll, AAP will win huge from all regions.

The voter turnout for the election was low in the beginning. At 5 PM, it was just 54.02 per cent. In 2015, it was 63.5 per cent. However, many voters started pouring while voting was all set to conclude. At 6 PM, turnout was recorded at 57.06 per cent. Polling was still underway.