New Delhi, Oct 29: Air India will use extra explosive trace detectors (ETD) to scan possible explosive devices in handbags on direct flights to the United States from Delhi and Mumbai airports. According to a report, Indira Gandhi International Airport has two dedicated gates for the non-stop flights to US with extra ETDs for the hand baggages. Also Read - Over 2.34 Lakh Corona Cases, 1,341 Deaths in Last 24 Hours: India's Covid Crisis Deepens | 10 Points

Noteworthy that Air India and United are the only two airlines operating non-stop flights from India to US and vice-versa. Reportedly, Mumbai airport also use ETDs to maintain safety protocol for all direct flights to US. Also Read - Nirav Modi's Extradition Approved by UK Home Minister Ahead of Boris Johnson's India Visit

Times of India quoted a senior security officer saying that all US-bound passengers are screened before boarding the aircraft and the hand-bags undergo x-ray scan. Initially only suspicious items were scanned used the explosive trace detectors, but after changes in security policies and US rules, all large personal electronic devices are made to go through the ETD scan, he said. Also Read - Coronavirus Second Wave: India Likely to Witness 2,320 Daily Deaths by First Week of June, Says Report

Air India has non-stop operating between New York, Newark, Chicago, Washington and San Francisco to India. United is the other carrier with non-stop flights in the India-US route.

Reportedly, Air India has also begun questioning passengers about their purpose of visit. An Air India spokesperson speaking to Times of India said, “As and when there is a new directive from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), we comply with the same and are in compliance for the latest one too.”

Recently, another report claimed that large personal electric devices (PED) like laptops might be banned inside check-in luggage to avoid any fire incident in the cargo of planes. However, this, if implemented, will be applicable for all flights and not just the US-bound flights.