New Delhi: Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, lot of misinformation is being circulated around to fool and trap people. In one such case, posts claiming– Department of Telecom (DoT) is providing free internet to users by May 3 if they click on a link–has been doing rounds on social media. Also Read - Fake News Busted: Ratan Tata Has Not Written Any Viral Message About Economy in Times of COVID-19

However, fact-checking unit of Press Information Bureau (PIB) on Wednesday clarified in a tweet that it was fake news. The unit also urged poeple to stay away from rumours and fraudsters. Also Read - Fake News Busted: New Ration Cards Not Required For One Nation, One Ration Card

“Claim: DoT has announced to provide free internet to all mobile users by May 3, 2020, to which they have to click on the given link.

Fact: This claim is completely false, and the given link is fake.

Please stay away from rumors and fraudster,” the tweet read.