New Delhi, Oct 15: In yet another shocking incident, five people were allegedly assaulted by self-proclaimed cow vigilantes on suspicion of carrying beef in Haryana’s Faridabad. The victims however claimed that they were carrying buffalo meat in a vehicle.

The incident took place on Friday morning in old Faridabad, when Azad (one of the people attacked) was driving the auto rickshaw to deliver buffalo meat to a shop. He was accompanied by 14-year-old Sonu, an employee of the meat supplier. Suddenly, six men who allegedly belonged to Bajrang Dal stopped Azad and accused him of transporting beef.

“They stopped us and said you’re carrying cow meat,” said  Azad, adding, that he was forced to chant ‘Hanuman ki jai’ and ‘cow is our mother.’ However, when he refused, he was allegedly roughed up by the group, who allegedly told Azad that they belonged to Bajrang Dal.

Talking to NDTV, the victim said, “When I could no longer take the pain… I fell unconscious. They wanted him to say “Jai Hanuman”, but I refused. I said I will not say. They said we are going to feed you pork (that is strictly prohibited in Islam) if you don’t. I told them, do what you want, I will not say.”

Following the assault, the Haryana Police initially registered a case under sections of Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act Act against Azad, Shehzad, Shakeel and Sonu for smuggling beef. But after investigation, the police officials found that the meat was buffalo not beef.

Earlier last month, the Supreme Court had asked the states for a compliance report over the incidents of cow vigilantism.

(With inputs from ANI)