New Delhi: With FASTags all set to become mandatory for vehicle owners from Wednesday, the government has decided to roll out the option of cash recharge in order to accelerate their adoption. The development comes after it was discovered that the penetration of electric toll collection (ETC) had stagnated after experiencing a steep rise in toll collection, via FASTags, since December 15.

Currently, option is available to recharge FASTags through Bhim App, as well as mobile wallets like Google Pay and Paytm, with the latter, with nearly three million FASTags issued, is their largest issuer in the country.

According to reports, about 40% traffic is being seen in hybrid lanes, meant for both cash and electronic collection, at toll plazas. This comes nearly a month after the government made the use of FASTags mandatory in at least 75% toll plazas across the country.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), which has been given the task to implement the ETC mode to reduce congestion at toll plazas, will, from tomorrow, allow only one hybrid each lane, in both directions, at toll plazas. 535 toll plazas across the country, according to reports, are FASTag-enabled where 60% toll collection is via FASTags.

FASTags is an initiative by the NHAI to facilitate a hassle-free commuting experience across India. It is a sticker which comes fitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFI), which helps the sensors on the toll plazas to automatically collect toll when a vehicle passes by.