New Delhi, Mar 17: A fatwa was issued against a Muslim Man in Kanpur after he announced that he will donate his organs to people in need.  Donor, Arshad Mansuri has signed up for organ donation after his death. Also Read - 20-month-old Toddler From Delhi Saves 5 Lives by Becoming India's Youngest Organ Donor Ever

Talking to agency, Mansuri said that he has pledged to donate his organs for the welfare of the society. I also want the people from Muslim community to do the same. I came to know a fatwa has been issued against me for doing so. Also Read - Missing Journalist Found Dead in Car in Kanpur, Murder Suspected

Organ donating is not allowed in the Muslim community. But this has not disturbed Mansuri at all and he is very determined to this. According to him serving mankind is greater than following any religion. Also Read - Rare Medical Feat: 4-Year-Old Mumbai Girl Gets New Lease of Life After Great-Grandmother Donates Kidney to Her

“Fatwa also urged people to boycott me from the society. In my opinion maulanas (clerics) are fake. To serve mankind is the biggest religious duty,” Mansuri further added while talking to agency.

After his declaration, he has also been getting threatening calls from different unknown numbers. He tried to file complaint in police but they have not taken any action.

Around 5 lakh people die in India every year due to non availability of organs. India has one of the worst rates of organ donations. Around 2 lakh people die of liver disease, 50,000 die from heart disease, 1,50,000 people await a kidney transplant but only 5,000 get one. Almost 10 lakh people suffer from corneal blindness and await transplant.