Lucknow, April 6: A girl has been found in Uttar Pradesh with traits that officials say are similar to those of animals. The girl was found in the Katarniaghat forests of Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich two months back with habits that are similar to those of animals. Many are calling her the female version of Mowgli, the fictitious character who lived and grew up with animals in the jungle.

“The girl was found two months back, and she eats and walks like animals, and runs away on seeing humans,” Chief Medical Officer DK Singh said as quoted by ANI. “She has marks on her skin, looks like she has lived with animals for quite some time. Now she is better and healthy, and is showing improvement,” he said.

According to a Khabar NDTV report, locals say that the girl shouted at seeing human beings. It says that she also eats food like monkeys, she throws the food served to her on the floor and then eats it. The doctors are now treating the girl at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh.

Reports say that the eight-year-old girl even walks with her hands and feet on ground, just like animals do. She reportedly, also faces difficulties in understanding the language in which humans communicate.  The girl was found by sub-inspector Suresh Yadav in the forest amidst monkeys.