Mumbai, Nov 27: It is only getting even scarier as the days go by as the ISIS connection is getting even more apparent and incriminating with the passage of time. And it is not just limited to the Middle East and the volatile Arab region but comparatively moderate when it comes to the country.Also Read - T20 World Cup: It's a Morale-Boosting Match, Says Shoaib Akhtar As he Reveals Why it is Important For Pakistan to Beat India

Latest reports suggests that the ISIS connection has sincerely wedged into the minds of the youth in India. Many of them, who are then brainwashed and indoctrinated with a lot of misconceptions and erstwhile facts including morphing graphical images and misleading  details about the war in Syria and subsequently in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past.  An engineer from Panvel in Mumbai is the recent casualty in that list with the 23 year old being one of the first list of suicide bombers prepared by ISIL for the utility of suicide bombing. Aribb Fayaz Majeed, said that from the time he flew from India to Syria via many channels, he tried to blow himself up thrice using his Civil Engineering skills. Also Read - Breaking: Poland Recognises India’s Covishield Vaccine, Exempts Travellers From Quarantine Rules

Back now in India, while corroborating his details to the interrogators and the investigation, he explained all his activities including how he had tried to build underground bunkers in a town called Raqqah, a real stronghold for the extremist ISIS an area which is subject to aerial bombing by the western forces on a daily basis now. (ALSO READ :Indians join war on ISIS: Hacker group Anonymous says 1,000 Indian hackers are exposing Jihadi Twitter accounts and websites) Also Read - International Flights: British Airways Announces Diwali Offer, Gives Special Ticket Fares Between India And UK

Media sources have revealed that Arib had left for Syria back in the May of 2014 alongside a few friends. He got apprehended last November by the intelligence agencies in India after he was brought back to the country.