New Delhi, November 2: Most of northern India and particularly Delhi remains engulfed in a thick blanket of fog for the third consecutive day. According to the Indian Meteorological Department’s forecast, the fog is expected to remain thick throughout the day, with temperatures hitting as low as 10-degree celsius.

Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport seems to have taken a direct hit of the weather disruption.  As visibility hits an all time low, flight operations have gone haywire.  Airlines have had to either cancel or reschedule numerous flights.  A statement issued by Jet Airways airlines reads, “Due to poor visibility in fog at Delhi, arrival and departure delays are expected at Delhi airport.”

Along with Delhi parts of Punjab, Haryana,  Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh and parts of eastern Rajasthan have also been affected by the fog. The Lucknow airport too, has had to cancel and delay flights due to issues of visibility.  Commenting on the weather conditions in other parts of northern India, Jet airways added, “Due to adverse weather in Lucknow & Amritsar, we’re expecting delays in arrivals & departures.”

Meanwhile, the traffic on roads and many Delhi-bound train services are also facing the brunt of the fog.Only yesterday, the weather claimed its first casualties as at least 12 vehicles crash into each other due to dense fog at Yamuna expressway in Mathura. The horrific accident, that took place during the early hours of Thursday, killed one and injured more than 10.