Bengaluru: A 26-year-old man who had allegedly stabbed his friend-cum-business partner was stopped by Chikkaballapura police while he was riding a sports bike near MG Road in Bengaluru. The traffic police in a bid to rule out helmetless riders had stopped the motorist midway.

The police asked the man to submit all the vehicle-related documents, including driving licence along with a fine of Rs 100 for not wearing a helmet. In a surprise twist, the man identified as Sandeep Shetty produced a blood-soaked knife and admitted to stabbing his friend-cum-business partner Devaraj. According to a report by Times of India, Sandeep Shetty told the cops, “Forgive me, sir. I stabbed my friend just now, and was heading to the police station to surrender.”

The shocked cops immediately seized the knife from the man, detained him and informed the case to their seniors. A report by Times of India quoted Chikkaballapura deputy SP Prabhushankar as saying, “Investigations revealed that Sandeep, a bachelor, had given Devaraj Rs 1 lakh to be invested in real estate. Devaraj, who has a cooking oil shop near Bazar Street, refused to return the money.”

On Monday, when Sandeep insisted Devaraj to return the money soon, Devaraj allegedly shouted at Sandeep and asked him to forget about the money. Infuriated at Devaraj’s behaviour, Sandeep stabbed him on the back and stomach with a knife, stated the police.

People from the neighbouring shops rushed to Devaraj’s place on hearing him screaming for help. Before the neighbours could arrive, Sandeep escaped on his bike and was caught by the traffic police.

Meanwhile, the victim Devaraj was transferred to a private hospital in Bengaluru owing to a critical health condition.

Sandeep Shetty, who originally belonged to Udupi, is now a resident of Chikkaballapura town in Bengaluru.