New Delhi: Former ISRO scientist S Nambi Narayanan whose name was cleared by the Supreme Court in a so-called spy scandal alleged that he had undergone untold misery and suffering when he was in prison. Narayanan said that the spy scandal wasn’t a spy case in the first place and added that those who plotted against him should have been a ‘little clever’.

He said, “This was nothing but a fabricated case. They found out that I had sold a yet-to-be-created cryogenic technology to an enemy nation. How is it possible to sell something when it was never there?”

“Those who fabricated the case should have been a little clever, Narayanan further said.” He added that he continued fighting this legal battle for so long as he wanted to clear his name. “I wanted to clear my name that I was not a spy. Right from the day one this case surfaced, I was sure that this is no spy case and I am not a spy. That has been achieved.”



The Supreme Court on September 14 awarded Narayanan a compensation of Rs 50 lakh for the humiliation and suffering he underwent after being arrested by Kerala Police. Apart from compensation, the SC has also ordered the setting up of a committee led by a former top court judge, DK Jain, to investigate the officials’ role who had implicated S Nambi Narayanan. The officials who had framed the former ISRO scientist was Inspector General of Police Siby Mathews and then Deputy Superintendents of Police KK Joshua and S Vijayan.


He added, “It is for Mathews to answer all the questions as he was the head of the Special Investigation Team (SIT). About four years back, he and his wife met me. I never made this public but the media found it out.”

The CBI cleared him in 1995 and he resumed his work. He later retired from ISRO.