Lucknow, Nov 15: WiFi services will soon be made available across the Agra-Lucknow expressway, which is the country’s longest highway stretching over 302 kilometers in length. As per officials, the government has offered to provide space to lay an optical fiber cable (OFC) along the expressway.

An Economic Times report claimed that the plan is to earn revenue to maintain the expressway and gain from the agreement with the private firm by leasing rights to lay the OFCs to offer free WiFi along the entire stretch. Reportedly, this will also help the state to have a world-class advanced traffic management system (ATMS) for convenience and safety. Safety will be assured by the usage of traffic monitoring and event detection along with speed enforcement through a network of CCTV cameras and phone helplines at every two kilometers, the report claimed.

Inviting bids, the government said it is a great opportunity for the telecom industries as Uttar Pradesh is one of the most populated states of the country. ‘The country is going through a massive digital transformation and a good OFC network will play a major role in it,’ the document said, ET reported.

According to the report, the OFC network will be most likely laid along the expressway, on top of power transmission lines along the stretch of the expressway. Usage of earth wire is also an option, it stated.

The expressway will also see a number of eateries and petrol pumps along the expressway, the report stated.