New Delhi, December 21: The  juvenile convict in the December 16 Nirbhaya rape case, was recently released from the remand home, where he spent three years. Even as the country boiled, with many people demanding that he be treated the same way as the other convicts, nobody questioned what was going on in the youth’s mind, who is now 20. When he was shifted out of the correction home and into the care of an NGO, he was too scared to even step out. He feared he will be lynched, if did that. He reportedly told the officials of the correctional home that he did not want to leave at all.Also Read - Nirbhaya Convicts Keep Mum on Their Last Wishes Before Hanging on February 1: Report

A senior officer of the correctional facility situated in North Delhi’s Magazine Road told Mail Online, “He fears for his life outside these walls. He thinks people will not let him live.” He had been following the developments on the TV closely and when he came to know that he was to leave his place of confinement, he began to grow very scared. The fears grew as he watched angry crowds protest against his release. Initially, he had shown an interest in tailoring and painting and had hoped that on release, he would be able to lead a normal life. But all that vanished, when he saw the recent protests. Also Read: Nirbhaya rape case: Juvenile convict sent to undisclosed location before release Also Read - Nirbhaya Gangrape Case: Supreme Court to Take up Curative Pleas of Convicts Mukesh, Vinay on January 14

The reform home official told Mail that the convict had behaved well inside the home and had followed all rules. He maintained that the 20 year old had been thoroughly disciplined. He was shifted from the correction home to an undisclosed location, as people protested outside the home. On Sunday, when the Delhi HC refused to stay his release, he was asked by the police if he would like to go home to his village in Badaum, Uttar pradesh or stay in the NGO. He chose the latter, citing the concerns he had about his own security. Also Read - Nirbhaya Case: Delhi HC Dismisses Pawan Gupta's Plea Claiming He Was Juvenile in 2012

Following the rules of the Juvenile Justice Act, all the criminal records of the youth have been cleared and he has been given a new identity so that he can start a new life. Several agencies, including the police and the agency, will be monitoring him for the next two years. Although it may look like he had got a new lease of life, but it’s not really true, since he’s scared to even venture anywhere outside. It is pertinent to mention here that although the media has been reporting that the juvenile convict was the most brutal of all, Delhi police did not have any evidence to support the claim.

However, the victim’s parents are adamant on putting the convict behind the bars again. Since several appeals in the court and incessant protests and demonstrations have not yielded any results, they now want to speak with prime minister Narendra Modi, as a final attempt at persuading him to move the law to secure imprisonment for the convict.