New Delhi, Feb 18: Freedom 251, the cheapest smartphone on the planet is out for sale. Noida-based manufacturer Ringing Bells’ are offering Rs 251 smartphone on their website Gadget lovers, as well as, smartphone aspirants are rushing to the site to order the product at the unbelievable price. However, tech pundits opine that it could be a big scam, since such a smartphone with such considerable specifications could not be sold at such a meagre price, with whatsoever the amount of subsidy offered by the government. (ALSO READ: Freedom 251 buy online: Sale begins, how to order Rs 251 smartphone through Also Read - Cheapest smartphone maker among 3 held for 'extortion'

According to veteran tech journalist Aseem Manchanda, even the set of headphone, usb charger amount up the price which the company claims they are charging for the entire phone set. “Indian Cellular Association has complained to Telecom Ministry to look into depth on claims made by company (Ringing Bell). Indian Cellular Association says minimum price for 3G phone is Rs 2700. It is not possible to offer phone at Rs 251,” he said.  (ALSO READ: Freedom 251 is rebranded version of Adcom Ikon 4; Chinese smartphone sold under ‘Make in India’ garb?)

Journalists present at the event sensed something fishy last evening since the sample phones handed over to journalists for assessment was a poorly rebranded version of Chinese smartphone Adcom Ikon 4. Whitener was pasted above the logo of Adcom before handing it over to the journalists.  (ALSO READ: Freedom 251 specifications: 10 features to know about the ‘Rs 251 smartphone’)

One should also recall the high-handed attitude shown by DataWind, the manufacturer of Aakash tablet. The gadget was made available at an extraordinary cheap price of Rs 2500. Nearly 40 lakh customers had booked the tablet. However, only 2.5 lakh units was manufactured by the company. Many of the customers were left unattended by the company after major logistical failure. (ALSO READ: Freedom 251 launched: website users unable to book the smartphone & process payment request online)

It would be rather advisable to wait before you place your order based on the eyeball grabbing price.