Feb 19: World’s cheapest smartphone Freedom 251, may have raised raging questions as to the unbelievable pricing despite the competitive features, but it still remains the top trending phone on the Indian market today. People have all sorts of questions about the phone, which has seen record bookings in the first day itself. While there are more than one problems that have deterred us from buying the phone, the crashing website is the biggest one. Also Read: Freedom 251 online booking begins on Freedom251.com: WhatsApp message warns buyers not to fall in trap of Ringing Bells scamAlso Read - Cheapest smartphone maker among 3 held for 'extortion'

So if despite the raging issues and significant risks, you are still willing to the buy the cheapest smartphone, here are a few steps that will help you book a handset: Also Read - 'Freedom 251' Maker Ringing Bells Founder Mohit Goel Arrested For Extorting Money in Lieu of Settling Rape Case

  • Log on to freedom251.com. If the page comes blank then keep on refreshing as that generally helps.
  • Fill in the necessary details like the name, address, email and shipping address ( but at your own risk as the website is a security nightmare. Find out why here). Click on order now.
  • If then the page does not direct you to the payment options page, keep refreshing it and if the page asks you for resubmission of details, keep clicking on OK. It works after multiple attempts.
  • The next page might also be blank but you have to keep refreshing it until it directs you to the Order Placed page.
  • Next you will have to enter the payment details, for which might have to wait for 48 hours, for that is how long it takes for the website to send a mail that will allow you to complete the payment details.
  • When you finally receive the mail, you will be able to conclude the order and you FINALLY may have placed the order for the handset that will be delivered to you after FOUR MONTHS.

Although, we wouldn’t recommend anyone to give their time and money (however small the amount) to a product that inconveniences the customer in the manner that Freedom 251 does, but if you are fully aware of the risks and still want to go ahead with buying this, we have told you how to. The phone was launched in Delhi and although is highly controversial due to its manufacturer Ringing Bell’s credentials, is reportedly a part of the Narendra Modi government’s Make in India campaign. Also Read - 'Freedom 251' fraud: Police hunt for other directors