New Delhi: People usually get upset when they don’t get their dream job, but here is a man who got upset for not getting his dream bride and hence decided to quit his job.

S Pratap, a 29-year-old police constable, who joined Hyderabad Police five years ago and is currently posted at Charminar station, had on September 7 submitted the resignation, for this reason.

In his resignation letter to the Hyderabad Police Commissioner, Pratap mentioned that one of his marriage proposals got rejected because he was a police constable.

Pratap said in the letter that the prospective bride had told his relatives that ‘constables work for 24 hours, there is no proper responsibility (of household) they will take and retire as constables only. There is no growth in their job.’

“For which I was highly disturbed and depressed with my job. Hence I request with folded hands to accept my resignation,” Pratap wrote in the letter.