New Delhi, May 30: Cow vigilantes, or Gau Rakshaks, are not a bunch of people belonging to an outdated school of thought, instead they are a bunch of people belonging to an outdated school of thought with modern technology at their disposal. As per a new report, these groups of self-proclaimed guards of cows, are using social media to target, propagate, strategise and operate. From WhatsApp groups to Facebook, these people have taken interest in new media to do what they do best, spread terror in the minds of those who are not them.

A report by CNN News18 shows one such interesting case, where a vigilante, cow vigilante talks about his motto. Varun Parashar, reportedly a software engineer for an American app development company, explains the modus operandi of these groups and how social media is used to plan their operations.

According to the report, Parashar explained that if any member of these Cow Vigilante groups spot a suspicious vehicle, they broadcast the location of the vehicle in the WhatsApp groups and then volunteers track the vehicle and stop any activity. Parashar explains in details how they either assist the police or are assisted by the police in stopping cow slaughter. He said, “Cow was never food, cow is never food and cow will never be food.” He further asks if people would support anyone if they wanted to eat human beings in the future.

These tech-savvy gau-rakshaks have thousands of followers and a great internet presence. They with their technological knowledge are also responsible for trolling people who refer to any food which might have beef in it. The recent incident being actor Kajol, who posted a food item containing beef and was later trolled by the lot whose religious, nationalist and gastronomic tendencies were hurt.

What is actually disheartening is the fact that these cow vigilantes operating in the way they are, could have been channeled to control actual crimes like violence upon women which has tainted the image of the country. But perhaps a cow is more important than a human life, and even these vigilante groups have proven that. These groups are not only engaged in violent attacks upon suspected cattle smugglers, but has also resulted in the death of several of them. As it has been often revealed that those killed or thrashed by the groups are most of the time animal farmers or have legal permit, the attitude of the police who reportedly assist these groups is what scares the author most.

Furthermore, these groups have been accused of targeting a certain community and looking at their recent attacks, it seems quite probable that these groups are more religiously concerned than the lives of the bovines. Also these frustrated Indians, forming groups to violate the lives of people, is wrong in every sense. But then every now and then a video surfaces which shows these rakshaks thrashing anyone suspected of cow smuggling and slaughter, in each case most of the perpetrators of violence escaping the law.

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