New Delhi, June 17: Sri Ram Sene founder and chief Pramod Muthalik  on Sunday compared the slain journalist Gauri Lankesh to a ‘dog’. While addressing a public gathering, Muthalik hit out at those who have been asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to break his ‘silence’ over Lankesh’s killing.

“Two murders happened in Karnataka and two happened in Maharashtra during Congress regime. No one is uttering a word over Congress government’s failure. Instead, they are asking why is PM Modi silent and commenting on Gauri Lankesh’s death. Many wanted PM Modi to react after Gauri Lankesh’s death. Why should Modi react if some dog dies in Karnataka?” Muthalik reportedly stated today.

However, he clarified his statement later and asserted that he did not directly compare Gauri Lankesh to a dog.

Notably, Muthalik’s statement came a day after he had distanced himself and his organisation from Parshuram Waghmare, the last of the six suspects, arrested in connection with the murder of the senior journalist-activist.

“There is no connection between Sri Ram Sene and Waghmare. He is neither our member nor our worker. This I say very clearly,” Muthalik had said on Saturday.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, a poster was circulated on social media, seeking financial aid to save Waghmare. “Come forward to help the man who has always saved our religion. His family is in deep distress,” the poster read. It was reported that people associated with Sri Ram Sene or Pro Hindu organisation were involved in circulating the poster on Facebook and WhatsApp.

However, Pramod Muthalik dismissed the reports saying, “Sene has neither issued any poster nor it has make any official appeal to save Waghmare. His friends are trying to help him and his family.”
Gauri Lankesh, a journalist with strong Leftist views and anti-Hindutva ideology, was killed at the entrance of her house here on September 5 evening last year, triggering a nationwide outrage.