New Delhi: One of the accused in the Gauri Lankesh murder case alleged that the cops had offered him Rs 25 lakh to confess to committing the crime. Parshuram Waghmare dropped the bombshell when he was being escorted by the police to the city civil court in Bengaluru. Another accused in the case, Manohar Edave, claimed innocence and said that he too was forced to confess under threats to his family. Also Read - Any Coronavirus Patient Spitting On Others Will Now Be Booked For Attempt to Murder in Himachal Pradesh

“The Special Investigation Team (SIT) offered us Rs. 25 lakh to accept the crime,” Parshuram Waghmare said. Edave, who was also being escorted to the court, denied his involvement in the Gauri Lankesh murder case and said, “They threatened to implicate my family and friends unless I confessed to the murder.” Also Read - Trending News Today March 17, 2020: Indian Man Murders Girlfriend, Drives Around Dubai With Her Dead Body in Car’s Front Seat; Picks Meal on The Way

Waghmare alleged that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) was trying to frame the two in the journalist’s murder case. “…I don’t know who Gauri Lankesh was. The officials convinced me that the money would help my family members. Otherwise, they threatened that they would fix my brothers and friends The police claim all the accused are linked. But I am seeing the other accused for the first time only after my arrest,” he said, The Week quoted him as saying. Also Read - Punjabi TV Actor Murdered in Nainital For Having Extra Marital Affair, Husband Held

The accused further said the police took his signature on blank sheets and then recorded his statements. The police also threatened the accused that their family members will be framed if they refuse to yield to the demands, he said. “The SIT is responsible for any harm caused to me or my family,” Waghmare said.

Edave, on the other hand, alleged torture by the SIT. He could be heard saying that they were threatened with dire consequences if they fail to confess to the crime.

Based on the forensic lab results, the SIT probing the Gauri Lankesh murder case confirming that Parashuram Waghmare shot and killed her here on September 5 last year. SIT sources said the entire sequence of events was reconstructed and a video of it along with CCTV footage on the day of incident sent to the Directorate of Forensic Science, which confirmed that the man in both the visuals was the same.