New Delhi: As reports have claimed that the Congress party is mulling to support Shiv Sena-NCP in Maharashtra to form government in the state, Sanjay Nirupam, the grand old party’s senior leader warned of political instability in the state. He also asked party workers to get ready for early elections in the state and raised a question on contesting future polls with Shiv Sena as a partner.

“No matter who forms (the) government and how… political instability in Maharashtra cannot be ruled out now. Get ready for early elections. It may take place in 2020. Can we go to the elections with Shiv Sena as partner?” Nirupam, a former Sena leader tweeted today.

Nirupam’s latest tweet came as a third warning to the party this month. Earlier last week he had urged the Congress not to get involved with the Sena-BJP ‘drama’. On Sunday, he had cautioned the Congress-NCP of allying against Sena by claiming that Congress-NCP alliance with the Sena could prove a ‘disastrous move’.

“In the current political arithmetic in Maharashtra, its just impossible for Congress-NCP to form any govt. For that we need Shiv Sena. And we must not think of sharing power with Shiv Sena under any circumstances. That will be a disastrous move for the party”, Nirupam had tweeted.

Meanwhile, Uddhav Thackeray’s close aide Sanjay Raut, hinted at snapping ties with the Bharatiya Janata Party and indicated that the Sena may  form government in Maharashtra with support of the Congress-NCP.

The development comes a day after Governor BS  Koshyari invited the Sena, the second largest party in the Assembly, to show its willingness and ability to form the government, after the BJP informed it of its inability to do so citing lack of numbers.