New Delhi, Nov 24: A missionary in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh has barred a Muslim girl from wearing a hijab or headscarf inside the school premises. While restricting the student, the school administration of has said that the girl’s act had violated the school’s dress code.

Following the order, the girl’s father wrote to the school principal and sought permission for the same. The school however responded to his letter by saying,”The school will not be able to provide any exemption to its rules. It is to clarify you that this is a minority school, but there are many communities in minority category, and one community cannot impose its rules on other communities.”

As per the reports of ANI, the principal of the school, Archana Thomas has also asked the father  to not disrupt the school’s functioning by asking unnecessary questions. “If you face any inconvenience, you can admit your ward in an Islamic school,” the principal further said .

Rizvi also met with the District Magistrate after School’s reply but all his efforts went in vain.

Talking to the news agency, the father of the student said that his daughter had been studying in the school since kindergarten, and as per Islam tradition, a girl had to cover her hair after reaching the age of nine.

“My daughter was asked not to wear headscarf to school, another girl was made to remove it as well. I argued that our Sikh brothers are also allowed even though their turban is not part of the dress code” he said.

“It felt like talking with the principal. He didn’t hear anything that I had to say, and made it clear that he will not help me in any way. Generally, people at least give an assurance,” Rizvi told ANI.

Meanwhile, the school’s principal said that the letter did not imply that the students were told to leave school. “It said if they have a problem with the rules, they can admit their child in another school, not necessarily an Islamic school,” Thomas clarified her statement.

On being asked if she is differentiating among communities by allowing Sikhs and barring Muslims, she said that Sikhs do not study in her school.

Earlier in May, a same incident was reported from UP’s capital city Lucknow, where a school (St Joseph’s Inter College refused to let a Muslim girl (Farheen Fatima) enter her classroom because she was wearing a hijab or headscarf.