Ghaziabad, July 27: A five-storey showroom building in Khoda colony of Ghaziabad collapsed on Friday. Many are feared trapped in the debris of the showroom building. There are no reports of any injury or casualty due to building collapse. Police, fire dept, and NDRF teams have reached the spot where many men are feared trapped. More details are awaited in the incident which was reported from Ghaziabad’s Khoda colony.

According to the reports, the incident was reported at around 8:10 PM. No casualty or injury has been reported so far. Ghaziabad DM said that the building was 8-10 years old and was not in a good condition. “The building was not in good condition, it was 8-10 years old and had been evacuated already. No casualty has been reported. NDRF & other rescue teams are present at the spot,” Ritu Maheshwari said.

The Khoda colony incident has come a few days after a five-storey building collapsed near Missal Gadi in Ghaziabad as a result of a huge crack which had developed in its ceiling. The labourers later alleged that the builder forced them to keep working despite a crack which was visible in the building.

One of the injured labourer said that a huge crack had appeared in the building but the builder forced them to work after they approached him and informed him about it.

“A crack appeared in the column of the building this morning,Builder told us to fill the cracks with cement & forced us to continue. We were working on the upper floor, the column must have collapsed at the ground floor,” one of the injured told news agency ANI.