New Delhi: Having apologised to his financier in a WhatsApp video call, a factory owner jumped from the eight-floor apartment in Indirapuram of Ghaziabad along with his wife and another woman, stated a report.

The incident took place on Tuesday morning when the garment trader Gulshan Vasudeva said ‘sorry’ to his business associate Ramesh for failing to repay the debts. As per the report, the trader had also slit the throat of his two children including his son Hrithik (14) and daughter Hrithika (18). He also showed the scene at home to Ramesh in the WhatsApp video call before committing suicide with his wife Parveen and manager Sanjana, added a report by news agency PTI.

When the police reached the flat where businessman Gulshan Vasudeva resided, they found the bodies of his son and daughter and a suicide note. In the suicide note, Vasudeva had written down his wish that all the five members of his family be cremated together, an official was quoted by news agency PTI as saying on Wednesday.

On Monday, the garments trader had distributed his old clothes to the needy after having dinner with his family members, a report quoted the police as saying.

To cover his funeral expenses, Vasudeva had stuck currency notes amounting to Rs 10,000 on the wall. Besides, bounced cheques were pasted on the wall given to him by his brother-in-law Rakesh Verma, whom he blamed for putting him and his family under financial distress and compelling him to commit suicide.

The report added that Vasudeva had also killed a pet rabbit, apparently thinking that there would be no one to take care of it after their death.

The officer said on a previous occasion, Vasudeva, who had started having mental health issues, had told Arora about his depression. “He had started winding up his work. Around a month ago, he had asked his domestic help not to come to work anymore after paying her salary

The Ghaziabad police on Wednesday arrested Vasudeva’s brother-in-law Rakesh Verma and charged him with abetment of suicide.

(With inputs from PTI)