Ghaziabad: A man allegedly killed his 65-year-old mother by repeatedly hitting her with a brick. He was reportedly angry with her for refusing to give him Rs 1 lakh. The body of the woman was recovered on April 15 in a forested area in Masuri.

The accused, identified as 40-year-old Bhagat Singh, was arrested by the police on Friday. According to the police, as quoted in a The Times of India report, he had asked his mother, Ramrati, to give hims Rs 1 lakh, to which she refused. Her refusal angered him and he attacked her with a brick several times while she was resting in the fields. Later, he dumped the body in the nearby jungle.

After returning home, he spread the word in the village that his mother has been missing since afternoon. Soon, he and his brothers started to search for the elderly. They found her body in a field and brought it home.

Initially, the accused tried to perform the last rites without informing the police. However, after the villagers insisted, the cops were informed. During investigation, the police recovered the blood-stained brick and shirt from the crime scene. This brought Singh under the radar. On being questioned, he confessed to the crime and informed the police that he had asked for the money from his money three weeks ago to which she refused.