New Delhi, October 15: The capital of India will host gazal maestro Ghulam Ali’s concert on November 8. Happy! Exited! or Terrified! Well the reason for asking this question is, is the capital of India ready to host the concert of this Pakistani great singer whose concerts were cancelled by outrageous Shiv Sena in Pune and Mumbai on October 9? Though Delhi Cultural Minister Kapil Mishra claims to make it a peaceful and memorable concert, we do know how far the right wing party can go to register their opposition.

Delhi is known for the people who love Sufi music and they can do anything to listen to their favourite singer. Delhi is known for its tolerance and peace. It is known as the city with hearts — ‘Dilwalo ki Dilli’, but it does has its history of war, politics, riots and and its not so polite behaviour when someone tries to hit their pride and ego. People in Delhi can be rude and outrageous and we all know about that. They are known for their stubbornness — the more one irritates them, the more they have to face the consequences. So, are we expecting a peaceful concert, as the cultural minister of the state government had offered?  (ALSO READ: Shiv Sena promises to disrupt Ghulam Ali concert in Delhi organized by AAP)

Now, on the other side we have the ultra-nationalists, over patriotic people from the right wing — Shiv Sena. Going by the history of Shiv Sena, we all know about its not loving nature towards Pakistan and its people. Although, Sena majorly wields influence in Maharashtra, its threat should not be considered lightly. One should recall the cancellation of India-Pakistan match in 1999 when Shiv Sena workers barged into Delhi’s Firoze Shah Kotla stadium and dug the pitch ahead of the much-awaited Test match. The question arise here is what is Shiv Sena going to do? 

Considering the fact that New Delhi is the capital of India and has the highest number of police personnel in the country — 80.000 (+), and the the home of all the big bosses of the politics and the whos who in the central government, will the Shiv Sainiks dare to commit anything stupid to defame the country or try to bring shame for the country? And if so, how? The second question that arises here is how they are going to invoke the Delhiites’ ‘patriotic’ spirit, who are already pissed off with Sena’s behaviour a week ago when they forcefully cancelled Ghulam Ali’s concert? (ALSO READ: Ghulam Ali row: Does patriotism mean boycotting Pakistani artists?)

Remembering the last incident, just few days back, few Shiv Sainiks brought nation in an apologetic condition when they smeared black ink on Sudeendra Kulkarni fro organising a book launch in Mumbai. Kulkarni was defamed and painted just because of his one fault — he organised the book launch of former Pakistani foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri named as ”Neither a Hawk nor a Dove: An Insider’s Account of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy’. Even after the insult, the book was launched amid Z-plus security.

Soon after the cancellations of Ghulam Ali’s concert, Delhi invited the gazal maestro who said would love to perform in the capital in December, but due to the love of Sufi lovers in Delhi, the mega event is going to organise on November 8. The event was first due in Kolkata, where chief minister Mamata Banerjee had requested Ghulam Ali to perform in the cultural state and the city of joy. Now, as the concert is going to take place is Delhi, the primary and the most important question that arises here is should we feel happy, exited or terrified? Lets wait and watch.  (ALSO READ: ‘Really sad’ Narendra Modi washes his hands off Dadri and Ghulam Ali incident; says centre has no role to play)