New Delhi: Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Sunday claimed that the population of Hindus has fallen in 54 districts in the country and if population control measures are not put in place it would pose a threat to social harmony and impede progress.

Speaking to reporters in Amroha, Singh said, “In 1947, India’s population was 33 crore. Today declared population is 125 Cr and undeclared is 136-141 crore.  The population of Hindus has fallen in 54 districts in the country. There will be no social harmony if population control laws are not passed. Neither will there be progress. (1947 mein 33 crore aabadi thi, aaj ghoshit 125 crore hai, aghoshit 136-141 crore hai. Aaj desh mein 54 jile mein Hinduon ki aabadi gir gayi hai. Na samajik samrasta bachegi agar jansankhya niyantran kanoon nahi bana to, na vikas hoga).

Earlier in the day, the BJP leader had courted a controversy by claiming that India will witness another 1947 like partition in 2047. Pointing that the population has gone up from 33 crore to 135.7 crore in these 72 years, Singh said that the “population explosion of divisive forces is dangerous”.

“At present, there is uproar over discussion on Article 35-A. In times to come, it will become impossible to talk about one India,” he had tweeted.

A few days back in an interview to Zee Hindustan, Singh had raised concern over the issue of increasing population and had called for a debate on the matter.