New Delhi, Nov 23: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called on the international community to join  hands to thwart attempts by terror groups to utilise the cyber space to expand its nefarious activities. Speaking at the 5th Global Conference on Cyberspace, PM Modi stressed that it requires a cohesive approach from the people to prevent vulnerable sections the society falling prey to the “evil designs of cyber criminals”. Also Read - Poll Panel Seeks Report on TMC's Complaint About PM's Pic on COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

PM Modi also underlined that his government is using the power of mobile technology to empower the citizens. Addressing a gathering of experts from the cyber world, PM Modi said India is committed to improve the “ease of living” using the “human face” of technology. Also Read - Breaking News LIVE: BJP Releases List of 57 Candidates For West Bengal Assembly Polls

The theme of this year’s conference focuses on inclusive and sustainable development using cyber technology. This is also the core philosophy of PM Modi’s Digital India initiative.

Highlights of PM Modi’s Speech:

    • Nations must also take responsibility to ensure that the digital space does not become a playground for the dark forces of terrorism and radicalisation.
    • We need to ensure that vulnerable sections of our society do not fall prey to the evil designs of cyber criminals. Alertness towards cyber-security concerns, should become a way of life: PM
    • Social media platforms are making cyber-space participative for all. News that experts tell us from studios is now supplemented by experiences highlighted on social media. This transition, to a blend of expertise and experience is the contribution of the cyber world.
    • The internet, by nature, is inclusive and not exclusive. It offers equity of access and equality of opportunity.
    • Indian IT talent has been recognized world-wide. Indian IT companies have made a name for themselves globally.
    • Cyber-space remains a key area for innovation. Our startups today are looking to provide solutions to everyday problems and improving lives. I am confident that the global investor community will recognize the immense potential waiting to be tapped from India’s startup pool.
    • I have even tried something of my own, through the Narendra Modi Mobile App. This App deepens my connect with citizens. The suggestions I get through the App are very useful.
    • I am happy to share with you that the PRAGATI sessions have resulted in faster decision-making, through consensus, in the larger interest of the nation. PRAGATI has put back on track infrastructure projects worth billions of dollars which were stuck in red-tape.

  • On the last Wednesday of every month, I meet top Union and State government officials for a PRAGATI Session. Technology breaks silos. Sitting in our respective offices, aided by the cyber world, we discuss and resolve important governance issues.
  • It is our firm belief that there are millions of Indians, whose transformative ideas can go a long way in taking India to new heights.
  • We are using the digital domain to facilitate participative governance or Jan Bhagidari.
  • Digital technology is contributing to more farm incomes. A small entrepreneur can register on Government e-Marketplace & bid competitively for supply of goods to Government. Pensioners no longer need to present themselves in front of a bank officer to provide proof of life.
  • We are using mobile power or M-power to empower our citizens.
  • We in India, give primacy to the human face of technology and are using it to improve what I call, “ease of living.”

Nearly 10,000 delegates from 100 countries are participating in the conference which is being held in India for the first time.