Mumbai, Dec 25: Minister of Home State Hansraj Ahir on Monday asked the doctors of Maharashtra to join the Naxal ranks. Ahir who visited Chandrapur district to inaugurate a local hospital was met with hostility from the doctors. The doctors of the state had called a strike in support of their brethren in the Rajasthan who are demanding a revision in their salaries. Also Read - Rajasthan: Drunk Man Beats Wife to Death With Leather Belt, Arrested

Ahir added if the striking doctors do not believe in democracy, they should leave the job and joins the ranks of Naxal forces. He also complained that the doctors were aware of his visit but chose not to attend the inauguration ceremony. Also Read - Rajasthan Universal Healthcare Scheme To Give Rs 5 Lakh Insurance Benefit To Every Family. Details Here

“I am a democratically elected minister, despite knowing that I am coming here why did the doctor go on leave? If they don’t believe in democracy then they should join Naxals, we will put bullets in them,” ANI quoted Ahir as saying. Also Read - Four Members of Former BJP State President's Family Die by Suicide in Rajasthan, Probe on

Earlier, Several doctors in Rajasthan were arrested after the state government invoked the Rajasthan Essential Services Maintenance Act (RESMA) for three months after the All Rajasthan In-Service Doctors’ Association warned of indefinite strike in support of their demands. The strike intensified after a minister of Rajasthan government said that he will get doctors’ services on gun point.