New Delhi, Feb 11: A day after calling domestic tourists ‘scum of the earth’,  Goa Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai refused to apologise for his controversial comment and said that he was not xenophobic or against north Indian tourists. “I cannot be apologetic about this. I am willing to bell the cat. My party is willing to bell the cat. We want to retain the unique identity of Goa,” Sardesai said, while refusing to retract any part of his statement. Also Read - Shocker From Fortis Hospital in Gurugram: TB Patient Raped in Unconscious State During Treatment

Taking to microblogging site Twitter, Sardesai posted a video and wrote, “Quoted out of context by media whilst reporting my speech at yesterday GoaBizFest. Goemkars believe that a certain section of tourists who have no civic sense, create nuisance , are not welcome to the state. I haven’t generalised or have been xenophobic Only spoken for Goa.” Also Read - Goa Travel News For Adventure Enthusiasts: New Rules For Water Sports And Cruises as State Increases Activities

Earlier on Friday, while addressing a gathering at Goa Biz Fest, Sardesai had said the heavy influx of tourists is making it difficult for state government to keep it clean. We cannot make Goa another Gurugram. The north Indian states are responsible for the problems that Goa has today. The people coming from those states actually want to recreate Haryana in Goa,” said Sardesai.

“Are they responsible? Are they conscious? They are not. If You compare Goans to the rest of India, we are very high in per capita income, social and political consciousness, health parameters, and many other parameters. So, we are much superior than people who are coming in. Those people — how will you control?” the Minister had stated.