New Delhi: The Goa Police has arrested Armaan Mehta, a Bihar resident, on the allegations of circulating provoking posters of a Goa nude party on social media to swindle money. There was such event and the scam was conceived by a techie dropout, said reports. Also Read - Crime Haven: Thak-Thak Gang Chases Judge, Smashes Window, Flees with Wallet

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A few days ago, some posters of a nude party went viral on social media. The poster apparently promised ‘unlimited sex’ but didn’t mention any specific location. Instead, three roads in North Goa district were mentioned as the probable venue for the said party. According to the poster, 10-15 foreigners and more than 10 Indian girls were supposed to take part in the party.

The poster created a stir as Goa Mahila Congress chief raised an objection to such a party being conceived or taking place.

According to reports, the accused downloaded a few photos from the Internet and edited them. Then he spread the poster on social media. Police said he got panicked at the time when he started getting a huge number of calls from India an abroad including from Dubai.

The accused was a Bachelor of Computer Applications dropout and was involved in organizing events and parties in Delhi.