After SpiceJet cancelled a dozen of flights in December 2014, the passenger furore which followed was a backlash for one of India’s most well known low-cost airlines. A similar backlash was experienced by another low-cost airline Spicejet when it cancelled flights between October and December 2014. It was GoAir‘s turn again on February 26, when one of its flights was cancelled and angry passengers embarrassed the airline at its Delhi Airport office. A passenger captured a video of visibly angry GoAir passengers venting out their frustration on the airline’s office at Delhi Airport.

Watch the full video of passengers being angry at GoAir authorities at the Delhi Airport below, as tweeted by Rajat Agarwal of BGR India:

The shambolic incident happened at Terminal 1 D of the Delhi Airport. The passengers were hooting ‘GoAir, shame shame’ all the while when they came to know about their flight being cancelled. In a major embarrassment to GoAir airlines, there were 40-50 passengers raising slogans against the hapless airport authorities. It was GoAir Flight G8-193 heading to Leh that got cancelled. As per information we could gather from the airport, the flight was cancelled a night before and the passengers weren’t informed about it.

The incident raises questions on the credibility of GoAir airlines as to how it failed to inform its passengers of the cancelled flight. For now, it is ‘GoAir, Shame Shame’.

Edited by Shweta Parande