New Delhi: The lawyer defending Akshay Kumar Singh in his review petition which came for the hearing in front of a three-judge bench on the Supreme Court on Wednesday claimed that his client has been implicated. Arguing against the efficacy of the death penalty, Dr AP Singh, the lawyer said that execution does not kill the crime, it only kills the criminal. Here’s how the proceedings went:

‘Dying declaration doubtful’

Dr AP Singh said that Nirbhaya’s dying declaration was doubtful. This was tutored. This was not voluntary. She hasn’t named Akshay as the accused who had committed the offence.

Have new facts: Friend’s evidence unreliable

AP Singh raised questions on the star witness, Amarinder Pandey, and said, his evidence and submissions in the case is unreliable.

Black Warrant: Confessions of a Tihar Jailer.

Lawyer AP Singh pointed to a book by a former jailer of the Tihar Jail, which raises questions about the suicide of Ram Singh, one of the accused.

Can’t go by books: says SC

“We can’t go by views of any author. We can’t go into all this now. This will set a dangerous trend if people start writing books after the trial is over and talk about such things. There will be no end if we start entertaining all these arguments now. He should have offered himself at the time of trial. What can be the purpose of writing all this now? How can we reply on it,” SC said.

God would feel ashamed: Solicitor-General

Tearing into the claims of the lawyers defending the convict, solicitor-general Tushar Mehta said the convict doesn’t deserve any leniency. God would feel ashamed of creating such a “monster”. They are making concerted efforts to delay inevitable.