New Delhi: After the massive fire that killed 43 people in Delhi’s  Anaj Mandi area, a chilling audio clip has on Sunday evening surfaced online in which a man was heard urging his brother to take care of his family when he was caught inside the building fire and subsequently died.Also Read - Delhi Anaj Mandi Fire: Building Owner, Manager Arrested by Delhi Police

Identified as Musharraf Ali from UP’s Bijnor, the 30-year-old worker in the chilling audio clip was heard urging his brother to take care of his wife and four children before he died.

The massive fire engulfed a Delhi factory early on Sunday and left no room for the sleeping workers to escape from the blazing flame.

“Brother, I am going to die. There is fire everywhere. Brother, please come to Delhi tomorrow and take me. There is fire everywhere and no way to escape,” Ali told his brother as quoted by NDTV.

“I might not be able to live today. Please take care of my family, brother… I am not able to breathe properly,” he had further said.

He on the last phone call to his brother also urged him to break the news of his death to his family members who are back at home in Uttar Pradesh.

Working at the factory for the past four years, the man is survived by his wife, three daughters and a son.

Earlier the Union Home Minister had ordered for a detailed report from the Delhi Police and the state government.

A little while ago, Delhi Police also confirmed that they have arrested the owner and the manager of the building where the fire took place.