Gorakhpur: Grappling with the menace of stray cattle, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, has now begun geo-tagging cattle. (Also read: Owners of Stray Cattle to Face Penalty)

Gorakhpur Municipal Commissioner Anjani Kumar Singh said, “We have started geo-tagging cattle as there were several complaints regarding traffic issues due to abandoned cattle wandering on roads. Now if a geo-tagged animal is found on the streets, we can identify the owner and penalise him for leaving his cattle on roads. With geo-tagging, it will also help us to keep a count of cattle in the area.”

Earlier this year, Etawah administration had registered cases against 80 people for allegedly locking stray cattle inside a school in Usrahar.  The menace of stray cattle was so rampant that people in different districts took to locking them in schools.

In Muzaffarnagar, a case was registered against 24 people for allegedly evicting students and teachers of a government primary school to keep stray cows. Villagers in Kudana took the cows inside the school and closed it, Shamli District Magistrate Akhilesh Kumar said.

Classes were conducted outside the school after the villagers forced their way in along with stray cows, a teacher said, requesting anonymity. The villagers disrupted school work. Police are searching them, he said.

Meanwhile, the state government earmarked over Rs 600 crore on cattle welfare and the construction and maintenance of gaushalas in 2019-20. The announcement came in the wake of farmers in several districts locking up stray cattle in schools and public health centres after suffering damage to their crops.

The government put away Rs 247.60 crore for maintenance and construction of gaushalas in rural areas, and Rs 200 crore for ‘Kanha Gaushala’ and cattle shelter scheme in urban areas.