New Delhi: With increasing demands of making business easy at the grassroots, the government is mulling over slashing number of approvals needed for opening Kirana shops or eateries, Times of India reported.

The newspaper noted that a total of 28 clearances are required for opening a stop. A restaurant or a dhaba needs 17 approvals. Some of the approvals include GST registration, no-objection certificate for fire to signage, licence to play music amongst many others.

With fewer clearances required for an entrepreneur, the Indian government aims to get into the top 50 in the Ease of Doing business ranking globally.

“It’s a proactive step from the government. Can we please have a uniform code for restaurants at a national level with a digital way of doing business? Currently, we are just getting photocopies the whole day. Not only every state, but every city with its various municipal bodies, has a different set of rules for restaurants. Some of the clearances needed, like in the case of fire, can be city-specific but what role does the tourism department have when it comes to giving clearances to restaurants,” Rahul Singh, president of NRAI and founder and CEO of The Beer Café told TOI.