New Delhi: Amid fear of a possible third wave of coronavirus in Karnataka, seven people in the state have been found to be infected with the new ‘AY 4.2’ Covid-19 variant, which has created havoc in UK, Russia and China. Among the seven cases, three are from Bengaluru and four others belong to different districts of the state. Besides, an alert has been sounded across Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra after AY 4.2, a sub-lineage of the Covid Delta variant, was detected in a reported in these states.Also Read - Alert Sounded After Delta Variant AY.4.2 Detected in MP, Maharashtra | Key Points

Meanwhile, Union health minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Tuesday asserted that a government panel of experts was looking into the new variant of COVID. “A team is investigating the new COVID19 variant AY.4.2. ICMR and NCDC teams study and analyze the different variants”,  Mandaviya said addressing a press conference today.

Here are key points:

  • The World Health Organisation will likely elevate AY.4.2 to a “variant under investigation”, which means it would be given a name under its Greek letter naming system.
  • The National Centre for Disease Control genome sequencing report which has found Delta variant sub-lineage cases in India has raised concern.
  • As per the NCDC report, seven cases of new Covid variant AY.4, a sub-lineage of the Delta variant, have been detected in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, while it has been detected in 1 per cent samples in Maharashtra, collected last month.
  • As per NCDC official, the preliminary investigation has revealed that the AY 4.2 hasn’t increased the case ratio in India, but it is present here.
  • Apart from AY.4.2, AY.33 and AY. 4.1 is also present in India and currently circulating in the country.
  • There is yet no evidence that AY.4.2 is deadlier than earlier versions of the Delta strain, which was first identified in India last December.
  • AY.4 is a sub-lineage of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which was driving the deadly second wave of the infection that killed thousands from March to May.
  • Experts opined that the climate and immunity of the people in Russia, the UK and China as compared to Indians are different. But India with a 130 crore population can’t allow the infection to spread as it may create disastrous effects and will lead to further mutations of Covid-19.
  • Globally, the AY.4 lineage is most frequently seen, with the highest levels in the UK. In the ongoing outbreaks across the US, AY.4 has not outcompeted the other Delta lineages.