Mumbai, May 22: Grandparents are not babysitters and he grandchildren shouldn’t become their duty in old age, a family court said on Tuesday, May 22. The family court also asked the parents to move away from the preassumption that the grandparents are meant to babysit their children. It also said that it is the primary duty of the parents and not the grandparents to take care of their infant children.Also Read - Bhopal Woman Goes to Family Court After Father Repeatedly Defeats Her in a Game of Ludo, Says She Lost Respect For Him

“It is the primary duty of the parents and not the grandparents to take care of their infant children. Grandparents may be there to support, guide and assist in raising the children. However, they should not be burdened to babysit grandchildren as their primary duty, by compromising their relaxation, entertainment and travel plan,” the court said. Also Read - Tej Pratap meets Rabri ending weeks of estrangement

The court was listening to a woman’s plea blaming her in-laws for placing her children in the crèche and said that holding them responsible was “absolutely wrong”. “Grandparents cannot be blamed, if a child needs to placed in a crèche. It is not an unusual scene that their children are kept in crèche for their care,” the court said. Also Read - Wife Grows Beard, Has Manly Voice: Ahmedabad Man Moves Court Seeking Divorce; Plea Rejected

The woman in her plea had alleged that her husband neglected the financial needs of her and the children. Blaming her husband, the woman had moved the court for maintenance for herself and the children in 2012. She also said that she had to take up a job just four months after her baby was born and her in-laws took care of them for just 2 months and went for travelling. because of which, she said, her children had to kept in a crèche and she had to pay for it.

“This should not be an imposed duty of grandparents. After performing all the duties and the responsibilities of life in their young and adult age, old age is the time for an old couple to live for themselves. There can be no doubt that the grandchildren are one of the precious endowments an old couple looks forward to. But this endowment should not become their burden,” the court said, TOI reported.