Gurgaon: After a series of investigation, the guard who allegedly shot the Gurugram judge’s wife and son was found to have committed the crime after the judge denied his request to visit his ailing daughter.  Mahipal Singh, the guard, had repeatedly requested the judge to grant him leave so that he could attend to his daughter who was in dire need of medical attention. However, the judge allegedly put aside his request and mocked him instead. The judge reportedly told Singh to take his wife and son out for shopping.Also Read - 'Depressed Man' Kills Five In Agartala. Police Inspector Among Those Dead

Mahipal’s uncle, Daan Singh reportedly said, “My nephew Mahipal’s 7-year-old daughter was seriously ill and needed urgent treatment. On the day of the incident, Mahipal had received repeated calls from his wife asking him to reach home early to take his daughter to a doctor. He had repeatedly asked for an early leave.” He claimed that the guard was used to mistreatment by the Additional Sessions Judge Krishan Kant and his family members. For instance, the judge’s family used to order him to run their personal errands even when he is on an official duty. Also Read - Gujarat Shocker: Man Arrested For Raping 3 Minor Girls, Killing One Of Victims in 10 Days 

A Special Investigation Team is investigating the murder case. Dharna Yadav, a senior officer of the Gurgaon Police, said, “We are carrying out a fair investigation from all angles. The concrete reasons for the murder have not emerged so far.” He added, “We will not victimise anyone including the family of the accused.” Also Read - Kanpur Businessman Death: Murder Case Filed Against Six Cops in UP's Gorakhpur, No Arrests Yet

Though Daan Singh admitted that the guard had committed a gruesome crime, he went on to appeal to the higher authorities in the police department to investigate the factors leading to the crime. Throughout the police interrogation, Mahipal was subject to ill-treatment. Moreover, police had taken away Mahipal’s wife and children, his ailing mother and brother-in-law, added Daan Singh.

Mahipal’s uncle reportedly said, “The medical prescription of Mahipal’s daughter’s illness is available with us. It was also shown to the police when they came to his flat at Gurgaon police lines. But they took away all family members to an undisclosed location.”

According to a News18 report, on the day when Singh shot the mother-son duo in board daylight in Gurugram market, he had hardly slept for three hours and was feeling very low. While Judge Krishan Kant’s wife Ritu succumbed to her injuries, their son Dhruv (18) was declared brain dead by the doctors on Monday.

(With Agency inputs)