New Delhi, May 19: When a superintending engineer with the Sardar Sarovar project was asked by his seniors why he had been absenting himself from work, he claimed he had to focus on bigger things. Claiming to be overqualified for the job, Rameshchandra Fefar said he was the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, claim media reports. Fefar was replying to the show-cause notice served to him. He claimed that all this while, he had been sitting at home and “meditating to change global consciousness”. His mission left him with little time to get to work, reported The Times of India. Fefar reported for work for 16 days in eight months of service. Also Read - Engineer’s Day 2020: Nation Pays Tribute to Bharat Ratna M Visvesvaraya On His Birth Anniversary

“Should I kill time in the office or meditate from home to prevent droughts in the country?” Fefar asks in his reply to the show-cause notice issued to him by the commission (west) of the Sardar Sarovar Punah-Vasvat Agency (Sardar Sarovar Rehabilitation and Resettlement Agency). The show-cause notice said, “This kind of conduct is not befitting a government official. Your absence from duty has adversely impacted the working of rehabilitation which is in its final stages as you are not available for providing guidance to the subordinates.” The notice had sought an explanation within a week’s time to which Fefar replied. Also Read - Kalashtami 2020: Know About Significance of The Day, How it is Marked And For Which Deity

His reply has reportedly gone viral, especially in the government circles. The agency’s officials said they will report the response to the Gujarat government. “We have received the report and our administrative department is processing it,” said Nilesh Dubey, a Sardar Sarovar Punah-Vasvat Agency official. Fefar is a superintending engineer, just a level junior to the top post of chief engineer in Gujarat. He puts up in a posh area. In 2017, his wife had filed a complaint against him, alleging that he called her and their son ‘monsters’. Also Read - Delhi Engineer Fakes His Own Kidnapping In a Bid to Commit Suicide After He Fails to Get Into IIM