New Delhi: Since the amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act were passed, there have been weird incidents of motorists being fined of more that what their bike or car cost. This incident from Gujarat is different. The owner of a Porsche 911 sports car has paid Rs 27.68 lakh. What were the charges against the car? Well, in November when the car was impounded there was no nameplate. The owner, Ranjit Desai, could not produce the required documents.

Initially, a fine of Rs 9.8 lakh was slapped, but when the owner went to deposit that amount, the RTO dug out old records and imposed a penalty of Rs 27.68 lakhs, which is the highest in India, a police officer told PTI.


“RTO slaps a fine of total Rs 27.68 Lakh on Porsche Car which was detained during a routine check by Ahmedabad Traffic West Police for not having required documents. One of the highest fine amount levied in the country ever,” the traffic police tweeted on Wednesday.