New Delhi, March 5: We as human beings are funny creatures (no disrespect to non-funny creatures), always in the look out for a scapegoat (not any real goat, hence no offence to vegetarians). But a recent trait in us makes me wonder if all the stupidity we profess and possess are mere charades to divert or actually get the focus upon us. That trait is what is called: Red herring. And in the recent incidents of the Ramjas College violence and its offspring issue of Gurmehar Kaur VS ABVP and now the video of a woman drinking and dancing in a car, we cannot but help watching with sheer amaze how red-herring is one of the most useful tool in Indian politics.

Okay, there is a video now, for those who did not know, with many news portal streaming the video. (Sorry this author kind of dislikes that.) As per reports the video is NOT of Gurmehar Kaur drinking alcohol and dancing in a car. But there is one question the author seeks to ask.

Even if it is Gurmehar Kaur and it is her who is drinking and dancing in the car, HOW DOES THAT CHANGE ANYTHING?

The question had to be in bold and in caps, for reasons we will understand in our near future. But let us refresh our memories with what happened that led to this day when a mother had to finally give in to the societal pressure and instead of questioning what the video, even if it is fake, changes about what her daughter took a stand for.

Ramjas College Violence

In this root issue of Ramjas college violence, members of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) allegedly beat up academicians and scholars when the literary society of the college invited Umar Khalid among other speakers for an event. Following this the academicians and scholars along with other supporters took out a rally towards the Maurice Nagar Police station the following day demanding action against the attackers. And then this group of protestors clashed with members of ABVP on the streets of Delhi university’s North Campus. In this clash, professors were beaten up along with journalists being roughed up by a few miscreants. Okay, let us say that is occupational hazard for us journalist lot. Here ends Part 1 of the whole issue of Ramjas college violence.

Following this incident Gurmehar Kaur posted a picture online that said:

I am a student of Delhi University,

I am not afraid of ABVP.

I am not alone.

Every student of India is with me.

Following this, the ABVP underwent an identity crisis for a woman speaking against them and a woman who is not afraid of them is a bigger threat than their usual nemesis: Western culture. Soon, Gurmehar Kaur started receiving threat and a group of true’ nationals’ sitting somewhere in an undisclosed location decided to tag her ‘anti-national’.

Then sportsmen who actually did things for the nation started talking against Miss Kaur. Javed Akhtar came in. Politicians entered the spotlight and every Amar, Akbar and Anthony who talked about her felt the need to take a side. But, but and but, this is where the whole issue got diverted. Nobody further questioned about those who actually violated professors and students against whom the protest was held at the first place. Anyway, the physical struggle was brought to the virtual space, and virtual space have a greater audience and far greater number of violators.

Gurmehar was threatened, insulted and supported on the virtual space and responsible media coverage became paparazzi beats. And then a video emerged which reportedly showed a girl drinking (Not tea or coffee my dear, but that thing we Indians do not drink) and dancing (God forgive her soul for dancing) in a car. (Perhaps the idea of dancing and car together gives the pervs little tent spaces in their bottoms.) Anyway, the video somehow is supposed, as per our intelligent guess,make all those who supported Gurmehar despise her because not only she was drinking, but she was dancing too and that too in a car.

Regarding the video, Gurmehar’s mother clarified how the video is a fake and gave her pointers which included the skin tone of the girl in the video not being a match, Gurmehar being slimmer than the girl in the video and the language on the bottle being a foreign language. But why should she justify? What would the video even if it is genuine prove anything for the ABVP, who have been blamed of circulating the video? Moreover, how does anything that Gurmehar Kaur said changes if the video is not fake?

Oh behold, my greater conscience said. What are the other traits of an anti-national apart from questioning authority, it asked? I in my deepest meditation recalled the flaws of drinking, dancing and doing that in a car as the three sins of the ‘Anti-nationals.’

So lets stop this mess for once and all, let Gurmehar Kaur live in peace and come on ABVP, you guys do have a voice in this democracy, does not mean you will waste the hostel Wi-Fi limit searching for “drunk girl looking like Gurmehar Kaur videos” on Google.

As for Gurmehar Kaur, we are not with you Girl. We are You.

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