Handwara, April 15: For last three days, a 16-year-old schoolgirl in Handwara has been illegally detained by the police in Kashmir and is not allowed top go home, family alleges. For last few days Handwara, has been tense after three persons wee killed in police firing by security forces on Tuesday.

On Tuesday clashes erupted in north Kashmir town over allegations that the girl, a resident of Handwara had been molested by a soldier.

But later in a mobile phone footage which has been first leaked by the police and then by the army, the 16-year-old girl denied molestation and instead accused locals of instigating protests.  It was been later found that the video was filmed inside a police station and a male voice is heard urging the girl to speak. Read Also: (National Conference says its leaders prevented from visiting Handwara)

A relative who was quoted by NDTV said that the girl’s family went to the police station asking for her were also held back. The relative further said that police wanted to hand over the girl to the family but once he reached the police station he was also detained by the cops.

Meanwhile the cops claimed that the girl and her father are in “protective custody”, which has been refused by girl’s family members and activists present in the valley.

Uttam Chand a senior police officer, reportedly told NDTV, that the girl and her father had asked for protective custody. Human Rights group in valley have accused the police of illegally detaining te teen and had also questioned the way the video was recorded and circulated.

On Tuesday an allegations had been surfacing around that the teenager was molested by a soldier after which a large mob surrounded the main army post in handwara town and threw rocks.

After the protest the army open fired on the protesters in which a young cricketer, a 70-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man were killed. In a separate protest a man was also killed in Kupwara.

Amid anger over the entire incident, a curfew has been imposed in Handwara and some other parts of Kashmir from last three days.