Lucknow: Looks like Lord Hanuman might Himself need to come down and tell us His caste once and for all, to put an end to discussions around it. Politicians have called Him a Dalit, a Muslim and an Arya. Now, an Uttar Pradesh minister has gone on record to say that Hanuman was a Jat. (Also read: Notice to Yogi For Calling Hanuman a Tribal)

Lakshmi Narayan Chaudhary, a state minister with the charge of Dairy Industry, Culture, Minority Welfare and Religious activities, told ANI, “I think Hanuman ji was a Jat. On seeing someone in trouble, a Jat would jump in even without knowing the issue or the people involved.”

In the clip, Chaudhary can be heard saying that we can find someone’s antecedents by his behaviour. For instance, he says, “we know people of the Vaishya community are descendants of Agrasen because Maharaj Agrasen himself was a businessman.”

Likewise, he says, “Sita ji was abducted by Ravan but Hanuman ji intervened…his temperament was that of a Jat, that’s why I say that Hanuman ji was a Jat.”

On Thursday, BJP MLC in UP, Bukkal Nawab said, “I believe that Lord Hanuman was a Muslim. That is why the names of the people in Islam is almost similar to Lord Hanuman, whether it is Rehman, Farman, Zeeshan, Ramzan or Quran.”

Nawab is a former Samajwadi Party leader who hails from the Nawab family of Awadh. The Congress, meanwhile, was quick to react to the BJP MLC’s statement. Deepak Singh, Congress MLC, advised the BJP to decide first to which caste Hanuman belonged to.

The debate began with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while campaigning in Rajasthan, claimed that Hanuman was one of the most prominent tribals, a Dalit.