New Delhi:  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat has claimed that the happiest Muslims are found in India because of the Hindu culture. “Hindu is not a religion or a language, rather it is the culture of all those who live in India. People belonging to different faiths such as Muslims, Parsis and others feel safe in the country because of this ‘unique feeling of oneness’, said Bhagwat while addressing a meeting of intellectuals ahead of the meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal, the highest decision-making body of RSS.

Maare-maare Yahudi (Jews) firte they akela Bharat hai jahan unko ashray mila. Parsion (Parsis) ki puja aur mool dharma sukrakshit kewal Bharat mein hai. Vishwa mein sarvadhik sukhi Musalman, Bharat mein milega. Ye kyun hai? Kyunki hum Hindu hain…(When Jews were roaming aimlessly, India was the only nation where they got shelter. The Parsis’ prayers and their religion are safe only in India. In the entire world, the happiest Muslims are found in India. Why is it so? Because we are Hindus)”, Bhagwat reportedly said.

Talking about the diversity of India, Bhagwat, who arrived in Bhubaneswar yesterday on a nine-day visit said that the entire country is tied in one string. “People of India consider themselves as one irrespective of diverse culture, languages, geographical locations. We have no hatred towards anyone. We must move together for building a better society that can bring changes and help develop the country as a whole,” he added.

Earlier while addressing the Vijayadashmi function of the RSS in Nagpur city, Bhagwat had said the RSS is firm on its vision that “Bharat is a Hindu Rashtra”. “All Indians working for the nation”s glory and enhancing its peace are Hindus. Those who belong to Bharat, those who are descendants of Bharatiya ancestors, those who are working for the ultimate glory of nation and joining hands in enhancing peace, respecting and welcoming all diversities; all those Bharatiyas are Hindus,” he had asserted.

He had also brushed aside the allegations of RSS and its associates being ‘Islamophobic’, saying, “It is true that Islam came to India through some invaders and there had been some battles. The memories of it have lingered longer in minds (of people). But still, it does not mean unifying Hindus is part of opposition to Islam. No swayamsevak (a common RSS worker) thinks this way.”