New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched a scathing attack on Congress for ‘not finding a solution’ to decade old Jammu and Kashmir conflict. Addressing an election rally in Sirsa district of poll bound Haryana on the last day of campaigning, PM Modi asserted that the earlier governments worsened the situation in Kashmir.

“They kept sleeping in Delhi and never made any effort to solve issues of Jammu and Kashmir. Their wrong policy and strategy devastated the country. What was called temporary in Baba Ambedkar’s constitution lasted for 70 years”, the Prime Minister said.

Targeting the Opposition party further, Modi said,”A part of us was snatched away – PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) was formed. Some years after, Sufi tradition was finished and then the system of discrimination with Jammu, Ladakh began. There was continuous injustice with Jammu, Ladakh, Kargil. Then a move was made where Kashmiri Pandits were murdered in Kashmir, daughters were raped, and they were forced to leave Kashmir.”

The Prime Minister also raised the Kartarpur issue and credited his government for completing the corridor within the stipulated time.

“The Kartarpur corridor is almost complete now. This opportunity has come 7 decades after independence, 70 years went by. What can be a bigger misfortune than this that we had to see a holy place from afar, through a pair of binoculars? Were people responsible to mark line of partition in 1947, didn’t think that devotees shouldn’t be kept away from Guru by 4 km? Should Congress govt not have made effort to eliminate this distance? Congress and parties affiliated to its culture never respected Indians’ culture”, PM Modi stated.