Gurugram, July 31: In the early hours of Monday, a cop, identified as Tarun Dahiya, was found dancing in his shorts and a sleeveless shirt, with his friend on Sheetla Mata Road at 1:20 AM, TOI reported. His car, a white Fortuner was parked on the road and loud music was blaring in the car. The police inspector was allegedly drunk. Locals tried to convince him to remove his car from the road as it was blocking the traffic, but the cop said, “I am an inspector and can dance on the road”. This went on for half an hour, leaving several vehicles stranded on the road.

Meanwhile, a team of police arrived at the spot to stop the nuisance. But the cop misbehaved with them as well. Later, the cop and his friend were taken to the police station. Tarun Dahiya, the accused is the in charge of Tauru crime unit in Nuh district.

“We were on regular patrolling when we saw some commotion on Sheetla Mata road. Several trucks and other vehicles were struck as a white Fortuner was parked in the middle of the road. Local shop and dhaba owners claimed the duo had been creating ruckus there for the past half an hour or so. When we asked them to stop, one of them introduced himself as inspector Tarun Dahiye. Meanwhile, several truck drivers gathered at the spot and tension was mounting. So as per instructions from the seniors, we brought them to the police station. But Dahiye kept abusing us and even pulled my hair in the jeep,” TOI quoted from a police report. The police team which arrested the accused also recorded a video clip of the incident.

Later, the police department let the accused go home after the arrest. The officers have apparently decided to remain silent about the matter. However, the Gurugram Police commissioner KK Roa has asked for the suspension of the accused, the leading daily reported.